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How to set yourself up for a successful writing session

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As you might already know if you’ve been around here long enough, as well as my email newsletter Notes from an Intuitive Business, I also run another newsletter and community specifically for people who want to make creative writing a more regular part of their lives called The Writing Habit.

I created a resource called The Writing Habit Checklist for this community, which basically outlines a step-by-step process for getting your life, workspace, and headspace ready for a productive writing session.

I wanted to share it here with you guys, because it’s also just a great tool more generally for setting yourself up for a productive work or writing session, whether or not that’s creative writing, blog post writing, website copy writing, or just any kind of work that requires you to be in the flow for a sustained period of time.

Download your copy of The Writing Habit Checklist here. I hope it helps you create some distraction-free time in your schedule for whatever you want to work on!

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