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Poet, journalist, dreamer, & content strategist
Our stories matter

Why hello there! I'm Sophie, a tender-hearted writer with a geeky side and an insatiable sweet tooth.

I was once referred to as "too nice to be a journalist" by supermodel Elle Macpherson, and "too activist for our brand" by a major international chocolate company (who shall remain nameless, because—well, as Elle put it, I'm too nice).

I constantly have to self-edit for exclamation points and ellipses.

I live on the edge of the moor in South-West Devon and enjoy pretending to be a modern-day Elizabeth Bennet on muddy walks, having heart-to-hearts over hot chocolate, over-analysing Stranger Things, and hunting for vintage clothes in Paris. I may talk to you about your funeral preferences 10 minutes after meeting you (I'm a super fun wedding guest), and I've never met an I Capture the Castle fan that I haven't liked.

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As a trained journalist with a decade of experience in digital media and marketing, I help purpose-driven creatives tell their stories and connect with their ideal audience online. In my own writing and journalism, I investigate the things that make life worth living, using my craft to explore how we can make the world a better place.

I believe in slow and steady growth, putting quality over quantity, and focusing on the areas of your business that matter the most so that you can live a life that truly fulfils you and brings you joy.

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