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Your story matters - I can help you tell it.

Whether you struggle to find the perfect words to express your passions and business, or love to write but are so busy that you wish you could clone yourself to get all the work done, I can help you tell your story and connect with your ideal audience.

As a journalist, I’m well-versed in compelling storytelling in every context; as well as countless articles and features, I’ve written article pitches, press releases, automated marketing email sequences, sales pages, social media copy, viral headlines, website copy, and lead magnets, and I've helped train teams to use SEO to grow their audience (if you're interested in finding out more, get my free SEO guide here).

When you work with me to craft your copy, you can rest assured that I’ll be thinking of how best to optimise it for every channel, and from every angle; you won’t just be getting copywriting help, you’ll be getting marketing and PR knowledge that will help take your growth to the next level.

My rates start at £35/$49 an hour, with a 10% discount for ongoing work (5 hours +), and flat rates for larger projects negotiated depending on the scope of the work.

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Megan Madden Managing Editor Verily Magazine

"Sophie is a delight to work alongside. Her wide range of skills, from writing to handling SEO and analytics, never fail. She can always be trusted to deliver top-notch work on deadline (if not early!). As a writer, she has the unique ability to tap into subject matters we often overlook but all relate to. As a strategist, she keeps a keen eye on what's trending and how content can be optimised to its fullest potential. In the fast-paced world of digital journalism, her calm and positive demeanour never cease to amaze me."

Megan Madden, Editor & Writer

"Sophie was an invaluable part of our team, constantly figuring out what was working and what wasn't to make our content perform better. She conducted deep research on our site and competitors, dug into our numbers to see what was resonating, then took it upon herself to test different options. Throughout that process, she proved herself adept at brainstorming on the fly, trying different styles and approaches, and incorporating feedback from disparate sources to make our marketing more engaging and effective."

Kara Eschbach, Co-Founder of Verily magazine
Kara Eschbach Verily magazine

"Sophie is a godsend to work with. She’s able to enter a business so deeply to understand and represent the heart of the brand. She helped our brand develop and distill our mission by crafting product copy, our introduction and ways to describe our customer, that have proved invaluable. She’s the type to go above and beyond with her work and really understood our purpose and passion, and then reflected that so brilliantly through her writing. She’s creative, strategic, a true professional, and kind. So grateful our paths crossed giving the opportunity to work together!"

Rebekah Murray, Founder of Virginia Dare Dress Company