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Copywriting & Growth Help
Your story matters - I can help you tell it.

Struggle to find the right words to tell people about your work?

Love to write, but are so busy you wish you could clone yourself to get it all done?

Looking for someone who can combine strategy with heart, and create beautifully-written SEO-friendly copy that still sounds like you?

I can help you tell your story and spark a meaningful connection with your ideal audience.

Over the past 10 years working in online journalism and marketing I've become an expert storyteller; as well as countless articles and essays, I’ve written pitches, press releases, marketing emails, sales page copy, social media posts, viral headlines, website copy, YouTube tags, titles, and descriptions, video scripts, and more.

I'm a creative, but I'm also a true geek at heart, and love to get stuck into the analytics of a business to find ways to build, grow, and engage an existing online audience.

When you work with me to craft your copy, you can rest assured I’ll be thinking of how best to optimise it for different platforms and priorities—whether that's growing your email list, reaching and engaging the right people via search and social media, or getting your dream press coverage.

I designed and implemented an SEO strategy that helped an online magazine grow their website traffic by almost 5x over a nine-month period, and I've taught many small teams and individuals how to connect with their ideal audience via search over the past five years.

Whatever your goals and resources, my strategic storytelling and intentional growth advice will help you get your message out there and connect with the right people, without burning out trying to do all the things.

My goal with everything I write is to capture your unique voice and tell your story in a way that feels authentically you.

Working with creatives who have a passion for making a positive impact in the world makes my heart sing, and it gives me so much joy to help small businesses grow in a steady, sustainable way.

I truly believe that your story matters, and I can't wait to help you tell it!

Kind words from clients & colleagues...

"Sophie is a godsend to work with. She’s able to enter a business so deeply to understand and represent the heart of the brand. She helped our brand develop and distill our mission by crafting product copy, our introduction and ways to describe our customer, that have proved invaluable. She’s the type to go above and beyond with her work and really understood our purpose and passion, and then reflected that so brilliantly through her writing. She’s creative, strategic, a true professional, and kind."
- Rebekah Murray, Founder of Virginia Dare Dress Co.

Classic Girl Clothing

"I LOVE IT! Sophie, you are awesome! I can't believe how you nailed it. All of what you provided far surpassed my expectations."
- Krista Loretto, Founder of Classic Girl Clothing

Kara Eschbach Verily magazine

"Sophie was an invaluable part of our team, constantly figuring out what was working and what wasn't to make our content perform better. She conducted deep research on our site and competitors, dug into our numbers to see what was resonating, then took it upon herself to test different options. Throughout that process, she proved herself adept at brainstorming on the fly, trying different styles and approaches, and incorporating feedback from disparate sources to make our marketing more engaging and effective."
- Kara Eschbach, Founder of Verily magazine

Megan Madden Managing Editor Verily Magazine

"Sophie's wide range of skills, from writing to handling SEO and analytics, never fail. As a writer, she has the unique ability to tap into subject matters we often overlook but all relate to. As a strategist, she keeps a keen eye on what's trending and how content can be optimised to its fullest potential. In the fast-paced world of digital journalism, her calm and positive demeanour never cease to amaze me."
- Megan Madden, editor & writer

"The kindness, patience and compassion of your consultancy was very special. You have a gift of truly listening and giving measured wisdom and advice in response."
- Zoe F. Willis, writer & podcaster @TheParapetPodcast

Huma Qureshi writer

"I felt like I was in capable, solid hands the whole way through—very much as though I could leave you to it and trust you to understand everything about my writing and what I'm trying to do. And you did. So thank you, so very much."
- Huma Qureshi, writer

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Looking for an all-inclusive service that meets you where you're at and covers your key copywriting needs, along with marketing advice that will reduce your overwhelm and help you achieve—and surpass—your growth goals? Check out my intuitive copywriting and growth consultancy services, below, which can be tailored to meet your unique needs and budget.

Simply choose what you need from the services I offer to create your very own package. After that, we can schedule a free, no-obligation 20-minute Skype call to discuss your plans, talk about time-frames, clear up any questions you might have, and see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Please bear in mind that I have limited availability, and so it's worth booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

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I require a non-refundable 25% deposit of the total agreed price upfront in order to reserve your desired time slot (the rest will be payable upon completion of the project).

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