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Your positive affirmation swipe file

Rick Warren quote about humility

Our brains are wired to remember the negative and forget the positive, so I put together this downloadable positive affirmation swipe file template in the hopes that it will encourage you to start writing down and saving all of the positive feedback and encouragement you get from all kinds of different places every week (whether that’s feedback from a happy client or customer, a random unsolicited kind comment about you that a friend makes, or an Instagram message or kind tweet).

Over time, this will become a resource that you can look to for support whenever you’re facing self doubt, whether that’s while you’re putting together a pitch or a job application, or simply getting ready to share something with the world.

When we stay focused on the people we’re here to serve, and the people who already know and have benefitted from our work and value who we are and what we do, it makes it easier to beat imposter syndrome. Try shifting your attention away from yourself and staying rooted instead in your deeper purpose and your ideal audience (some of whom might already be out there, enjoying and benefitting from your work!).

I know it can sometimes feel self-absorbed or egotistical to dwell on positive feedback, but I actually believe the reverse is true: when you accept positive feedback as the gift that it is, and choose to believe that your work can actually have meaning and value, and help real living and breathing humans, you can let go of your anxiety, stop thinking so much about yourself and your self-worth, and instead keep creating with joy, generosity, and lightness.

So, I hope this resource can give you an excuse and gentle nudge to start being kinder to yourself and open up to the positives, friend.

Click here to download your positive affirmation swipe file template.

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