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Get Discovered Via Google: A Workshop for Local Businesses

12 students

Now, more than ever, it’s so important for people to be able to find your business online. Your website is your online shopfront, and can give your customers vital information about how to keep supporting you whether your physical doors are open or not. Just a few simple tweaks can greatly improve your website’s discoverability and help you keep in touch with your community in an easy and safe way, whatever else is going on in the world.

Learn how to make your website easy for your local community to find, and a pleasure for them to use

In this hour-long workshop we’ll explore the basics of making your website and business more search engine-friendly. You’ll learn:

  • The essential elements of an easy-to-use website that encourages and educates customers in your local community (and attracts new customers, too)
  • What information you should be sharing on your website, and how to tell your story with clarity
  • Simple tips to help more of the right people discover your website online.


The live workshop will be held on Tuesday 10th November, 8-9pm GMT (3-4pm EST). All participants will be given access to a replay of the workshop that you can come back and watch whenever you like, as many times as you like.


Online, via Zoom (after the live workshop all participants will be given access to the replay via my website). 

Who is this for?

Would it be helpful for more people in a specific geographical location to find your work for any reason?

This workshop is designed for anyone who owns (or works for) a business with a bricks-and-mortar or physical location element to it. Shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, entertainment and arts venues, as well as people offering services to a specific local area—you name it, if there’s a local element to your work and you’d like to learn how to integrate this with an online presence, this workshop will be helpful.

We’ll be focusing on your website, so you’ll either need to have a website already, or be planning to make one. 

The workshop is designed for beginners who want to learn to establish and grow their online presence, but don’t know where to start. We’ll keep things simple, and don’t worry, you don’t need to have any existing website specialist knowledge.


As a resident of the beautiful town of Ashburton, Devon, I’m hugely passionate about supporting my local businesses; they make our little town a truly special place to live. The idea for this workshop was born out of conversations I had with local business owners during the UK’s March-June 2020 lockdown, as people struggled to get their heads around creating an online presence and communicating with their customers and communities when people were not always able to open their doors to the public or leave their homes. I realised I could do something to help… and that’s what this workshop is all about!

Do I have to be there live?

No! Everyone who purchases the workshop will be given access to a replay (with no limitations on when you can view it, so you can watch it in your own time, as many times as you like).

However, if you can make it live, there’ll be an opportunity to ask questions, so it’s worth doing if you can.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets are free for all local businesses from Ashburton who’d like to attend—just email me at: to join the live workshop on Tuesday evening, or to get access to the replay afterwards. 

For everyone else, tickets to the live workshop and access to the replay cost £25 (the price will go up to £35 when I put the replay on sale after the live event). 

If you’re from outside of Ashburton and are struggling financially for any reason, you can apply for a free ticket via my buy one, give one scheme, this way.

10% of all ticket sales will be donated to a local charity working to support the homeless in South Devon. 

  • Workshop replay
  • Submit your feedback & questions

    Use this link to submit your feedback and questions, so that I can keep adding to this section with quick Q&A videos and case studies for everyone to learn from.


Sophie Caldecott is a writer living and working with her family on the edge of the moor in the South-West of England.


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