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SEO basics for creatives

A unique, intuitive approach to SEO basics for creatives

You have a story to tell. You have unique, beautiful, and important work to share with the world. There are thousands of people out there looking for what you have to offer, and SEO is one of the most powerful ways to help them find you.

Want to get your message out there, and help more people discover your work?

Sophie Caldecott intuitive SEO basics for creatives

Intuitive SEO: The Free Guide to SEO Basics for Creatives

This introduction to SEO basics will teach you everything you need to know to start growing your website’s search traffic, with jargon-free explanations of all the core SEO concepts. When you download this free guide, you'll get:

  • A downloadable PDF guide to SEO that will help you understand the basics without overwhelming technical jargon
  • Guidance on all of the core concepts behind growing your website's search traffic, including keywords, website user experience, and domain authority/link building
  • The keyword research and planning process I used to grow an online magazine's search traffic by almost 5x over nine months
  • Ongoing tips, news from the industry, encouragement, and behind-the-scenes musings via my weekly emails, Notes from an Intuitive Business.

This free guide is ideal for purpose-driven creatives and small businesses who want to cut through the overwhelm and start growing their website's search traffic at a slow and sustainable pace. Sign up here!

This isn't just any old SEO guide...

"I really enjoy your thoughts on SEO... You have a way of articulating it in a way that really appeals to me. I’ve always been so turned off by it in the past."—Suzie

Some lovely things my students are saying about Intuitive SEO

Rebecca Mir Grady

"I loved this course! Sophie explains all the aspects of SEO in an accessible easy to implement way. I began implementing some changes to the copy on my website, and a bit of the structure to make it more user friendly, and I've already seen an increase in traffic and searchability to my site. If SEO is overwhelming to you as it was to me, I cannot recommend this course more!"
- Rebecca,

"I'd definitely recommend this course for anyone who is feeling bogged down by having to be constantly present on social media in order to drive traffic to their site and/or work. This course really showed me that SEO is also for people (and business owners) like me—quieter, creative types who maybe don't feel as enthusiastic about research or strategy—and gave me some really useful steps to begin this SEO journey with."
- Ruth,

"I can't recommend Sophie's SEO course enough... the few simple changes I've made already have made a huge difference to the traffic reaching my blog... Of all the courses I've done online, this is by far the most informative. Sophie has put so much effort into the learning materials. I was amazed to be honest!!"
- Jenny, Notes To the Moon

“Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your course! There is such a wealth of information… It is extremely helpful as I get back to working on my website… you’ve given me tons of information to process as I work to revamp it.”
- Bev Walker

“It feels inspiring and makes me excited to get stuck in! You’ve made SEO so approachable without the sometimes overly techie approach… it’s brilliant! I was so impressed with the website design section, it really helped to solidify what my website is about and who it is for... I'm moving towards starting a small business, so this was INCREDIBLY useful! It really opened SEO up to being more than just keywords. I loved the positivity infused through the course... I couldn't wait to jump back in when I could!"
- Trona, Aye Lined

“I wanted to say thanks for creating such an epic course. I joked with a friend that I had got my money’s worth by the introduction! I’ve started to see SEO in a very different light and know my website will be much the better for it.”
- Lynne Wyness, Three Wild Steps

Kara Eschbach Verily magazine

“Sophie made what could be a very technical process understandable—even for digital-phobic editors. She broke down what matters most for SEO ranking, how to do effective keyword research and implementation, and got our editors out of their writing bubbles to build effective outside links. Search is now the largest traffic source for us, by far!”
- Kara Eschbach, Co-Founder of Verily magazine