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Notes from an Intuitive Creative: Free SEO Guide & Other Resources

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Sophie Caldecott

Hello there, thanks for stopping by! My name’s Sophie and I’m a writer and empathy lover, living in a cosy cottage in the South-West of England. I’ve spent the last decade working in online media and digital marketing, and have a heart for storytelling that nurtures connection and community. I’d be honoured to help you on your journey as a fellow online creative, and can’t wait to get to know you better…

What you'll get in this resource library:

  • Resources to help you stay rooted in your purpose and value, so that you can serve your audience from a place of joy and abundance
  • A four part video training that guides you through the basics of creating content that communicates your message with clarity and allows your ideal audience to find you via search
  • A five-day mini challenge with bite-sized video trainings to help you get started with making some key improvements to your website that will make it more discoverable via search, requiring as little as 10-20 minutes of your time a day for one week.

My free resource library includes a special video training series that will give you a gentle introduction to my personal approach to writing for an online audience and growing the readership of a website (I call this “Intuitive SEO”), along with other helpful resources that I’ve put together to support creatives, dreamers, world-changers, and intuitive businesses of all kinds.

To access all this goodness, simply create a user profile and head to checkout with this course (don’t worry, it’s free and won’t require you to enter any payment details!). You can then log on any time to explore all the resources I offer there.

This library is a constant work-in-progress; I’ll add new and updated resources to it as my own path shifts and my experience deepens. One of my most dearly-held mottos in life and work is to “make peace with the questions and imperfections”, and to share open-heartedly as I go so that others can feel empowered to find connection through intentional vulnerability and honesty, too.

Please note, by signing up for access to these free resources you’re agreeing to receive emails from me—but, you can unsubscribe any time if you don’t find them helpful.


Sophie Caldecott is a writer living on the edge of the moor in the beautiful South-West of England with her family. Since getting her MA in Magazine Journalism in 2011, she's spent the past decade+ in digital marketing, journalism, and editorial strategy. In her consultancy work she's helped people grow the readership of their websites by 85% over 6 months using her own tried-and-tested SEO strategies.

She's worked as an SEO writer and content strategist for companies like Verily and Marie Forleo International. She's written for Country Life, House & Garden, WIRED, The Everymom, Brit + Co, Remake, Harper's Bazaar, and many others over the years, and her work has been featured on BBC Radio 4.


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