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I never thought I’d become an SEO expert, and I still struggle to use that title for myself, if I’m being totally honest; I’ve always been obsessed with words and allergic to numbers, I don’t know how to code, and I understanding tech doesn’t come particularly naturally to me. There’s still a sense that most SEO experts and teachers are men, probably based in Silicon Valley.

But when (driven by a combination of necessity and curiosity almost five years ago) I discovered what Search Engine Optimisation actually is, taught myself SEO basics, and then saw for myself what a powerful tool it can be for growth, I found myself hooked.

The thing is, SEO isn’t actually as dry and technical as I used to think; it has a lot to do with understanding the way that people use language, the way that they think and the words that they choose to use. When you strip away all the jargon, it’s psychology, art, and poetry all rolled into one.

The power of Search Engine Optimisation

I started obsessively reading every blog post I could find, attending webinars, and buying courses to find out as much as I could about SEO. And then I figured out how I could apply everything I’d been learning to my work online as Headlines Writer for Verily magazine.

At first I wasn’t sure if the strategy I was using was having any impact; then I looked back nine months later and discovered that our Search traffic had increased almost five times over that period.

Website traffic you can rely on

While it’s been a rough few years for traffic and exposure through social media what with all the algorithm changes, the right SEO strategy can help keep your Search traffic growing consistently and reliably on a platform that you own and control yourself—your very own website. Search traffic continued to be the most reliable source of growth for Verily as the years passed, even during times when we weren’t publishing any new articles or promoting our work via social media to the same extent as usual.

Since I first designed and tested my own SEO strategy at Verily, I’ve gone on to teach multiple teams and individuals how to use SEO to grow, and I also helped write a worksheet on SEO and editorial planning for Marie Forleo’s world-famous online business school, B-School.

I’ve had so many requests to explain SEO from clients, friends, family, and friends-of-friends that I decided to create some online guides so that I don’t have to keep explaining the same thing over and over again.

Ready to use SEO to increase your own Search traffic?

I’ve written a quick beginner’s introduction to SEO which you can download here for free, and my very first online course tailor-made to teach fellow creatives SEO basics will be coming soon, so watch this space!

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