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Intuitive SEO: The DIY Anti-Overwhelm Kit

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You want more people to find your website, but you feel stuck...

You already know (in theory) how SEO is meant to work, but you’re not actually taking action.

You know how to do keyword research.

You know how to optimise a website page for Google.

You know why it’s important to grow your domain authority.

You’ve read the blog posts and listened to the podcasts (maybe even taken a course) about SEO… but, you’re still not really doing it.

Perhaps you have an SEO strategy but you never find the time to implement it.

Or, maybe you never got around to designing a strategy in the first place, and the whole idea just stresses you out.

I get it.

Your problem isn’t a lack of knowledge, it’s overwhelm and a lack of motivation or guidance to help you implement that knowledge in a way that works for you. 

It's time to put theory into practice

Introducing… Intuitive SEO: The DIY Anti-Overwhelm Kit

This is a brand new joy-filled 100% self-paced programme designed to help you relax and enjoy sharing your work with the world at your own pace, in your own way.

This programme is light on the videos to watch and lessons to read so as to help you focus on taking action.

Instead of yet another course you never finished, you’ll come away with a personalised SEO strategy and content plan—and have some of your copy already drafted after working through the lessons and recommended action steps.

We'll take your SEO knowledge, and turn it into an intuitive growth strategy (that actually works)


  • Knowing which keywords your ideal customers/readers are looking for, and ranking on the first page of Google search for them.
  • Having several important pages of your website consistently drawing search traffic, from people who are really grateful to find your work and go on to become loyal fans.
  • Being 100% certain that your message and unique selling point is clear, and that anyone who visits your website immediately sure of your work’s value.
  • Not worrying about churning out content or keeping up with algorithms, but promoting your work in a way that feels right for you.

For the past 7+ years I’ve helped creatives cut through the overwhelm and figure out how to make simple tweaks to their website copy, content, and SEO strategy so that the right people can discover their beautiful work online via search while they sleep/eat/create/dance/read a good book/go for a walk/play with their kids.

I recently paused my one-to-one client work, but have continued to receive lots of enquiries from creatives who need support tweaking their approach to SEO. So, I thought I’d try something a little new…

Join me inside this brand-new totally self-paced mini course to take stock of what you already have in place on your website, and figure out a realistic way to get you to where you need to be. It’s going to be so much fun!

Please note: this course is currently on sale at £95. The price will go up in the autumn to £145 when I update the content and add various bonus training videos based on your questions and requests. Purchasing now means you have lifetime access to all current and future course content.

"I have made some of the changes that you recommend in Week One, including my homepage title and description, and I'm now coming up on first page of Google results for [my target keyphrase]. Thank you so much! This course really has been invaluable. So pleased to have taken the leap and invested in my business with you, Sophie."
SEO strategy for creatives

This course is for you if:

  • You believe that there’s more to life than scrolling social media, endlessly trying to stay on top of the latest Instagram or Facebook algorithm update in order to stay visible.
  • You already have a website (or are currently in the process of creating one) and a decent level of SEO knowledge, but know your website needs a refresh or some tweaks to help it get more search traffic.
  • You’re feeling the course overwhelm (believe me, as an avid online course-taker, I get it! 🙋🏼‍♀️), don’t have the time to commit to a super intensive course right now, but also don’t have the budget to hire an SEO expert to work with you one-to-one or write your website copy and content for you.

What you’ll get out of our time together:

  • A framework you can use over and over again to conduct your own website and content strategy audit and audience research.
  • Clarity about your “SEO sweetspot” (keywords that are highly relevant to your ideal audience and your core business goals, that you can actually rank for).
  • Clarity about your message and unique selling point that will not only improve your website copy, but also give you more confidence whenever and wherever you’re promoting your work. 
  • Systems to organise your SEO keyword and audience research that will help you to figure out what to prioritise and how to take action.
  • A simple but effective and intuitive process to put your knowledge into action, and start getting search traffic from your ideal audience ASAP.

Together, we’ll figure out where your message needs clarifying on your website, what your highest priority keywords are, and what kind of content will work best for your blog. You’ll draft some brilliant copy for one key page of your website and an SEO-friendly blog post.

Intuitive SEO strategy for creatives

This programme isn’t like others—I’ve already created an in-depth everything you need to know about SEO course for beginners, and I’ve run several lighter, introductory workshops, too. The DIY Anti-Overwhelm Kit is light on content that you have to read through and watch, as the meat is in the action steps I’ll encourage you to take. It’s my goal to encourage you to take action.

I know you don’t have lots of time or energy right now to commit to working through a course or participating in a group programme, which is why I’m keeping this as light as possible, and super focused on taking action that gives you results. I’ve distilled my one-to-one client process down into a step-by-step system you can work through at your own pace, and come back follow as many times as you need to in the future.

Our schedule (work through at your own pace!):

  • Week One: This week we’ll research what your ideal audience is looking for and check in with whether you’ve made your unique purpose and value clear enough on your website.
  • Week Two: This week we’ll put together a personalised SEO strategy that won’t overwhelm you, come up with at least four SEO-friendly blog post ideas to get you started, and decide which key website page and blog post idea we’ll work on together next week.
  • Week Three: In this final week of the programme, we’ll make a start on drafting the SEO-friendly copy updates for your website page (or new copy if it’s a totally new page). We’ll also start writing one of those four SEO-friendly blog posts. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve in three weeks! 

This course also includes three bonus training videos by Katharina Geissler-Evans, exploring how to use Instagram in a joyful way alongside your website optimisation. 

Katharina Geissler-Evans is a marketing & online presence consultant with over 10 years of experience working for brands like Net-A-Porter and Crew Clothing Co. She is also the founder and CEO of Heiter, an independent print and online publication that is all about finding and celebrating joyful moments in everyday life. 

"I actually feel really excited about this... I know exactly what I need to do to make this an amazing blog post... Thank you so much Sophie!! I’m so pleased - can’t believe it, I have a plan!!!"


How much existing SEO knowledge do I need?

In this programme we’ll be cutting straight to the action-taking, so I’ll be assuming a certain level of existing SEO knowledge on your part (just the basics, really). That being said, I will show you my preferred approach to keyword research, and how I like to do audience research using analytics and things like that, so you don’t have to be an SEO pro by any means. If you’re not sure whether this is a good fit for your SEO knowledge, contact me at: – I’ll be happy to help!

I’ve taken your main Intuitive SEO course—will I benefit from this one, as well?

This programme is entirely new content, and has a pretty different teaching style and focus to my main Intuitive SEO course. The main Intuitive SEO course doesn’t assume any level of existing SEO knowledge, and guides beginners through the theories and principles of SEO to give you a really in-depth understanding of how it all works (and how to apply it to your work). This programme is much lighter on the written content, and is focused on a series of worksheets and exercises. It would be a great follow on for anyone who has taken a more entry-level beginner’s SEO course, whether mine or someone else’s. That being said, I’ll be basing this course on my personal approach to SEO (I call it Intuitive SEO), so of course there’ll be consistency in approach and some overlap in the core principles and techniques I use. 

I personally think that if you went through my main course really rigorously and took action on all of my prompts, you don’t need this programme! But, if you have struggled to implement your knowledge and want a more action-focused experience, this will help.

How much time should I be able to commit to get the most out of this programme?

I’d recommend allocating a minimum of three-four hours a week for the three-week period that I recommend using as your framework for this course, though as this course is 100% self-paced without any live input from me, you’re welcome to work through it faster or slower, whatever pace works for you. 

Is there any one-to-one support available from you if I purchase this version of this programme?

No—I originally ran this programme as a small group live release mini mastermind with a small group of creatives in June 2021, but this version of the course is 100% self-paced and without any input from me. I do, however, regularly invite your feedback and create extra resources and updates that you’ll have access to and can come back and watch any time. So, if you have questions after working through this course on your own, you’ll have plenty of chances to get answers and support from me.

I’m also planning to add a seasonal opportunity to join me on a live Q&A call starting in the Autumn at no extra cost for anyone who has signed up to any of my courses.

If I sign up and realise it’s not for me, can I get a refund?

No, I’m afraid not. Because this is a digital product and I run a small business, I’m afraid I can’t offer refunds if you decide after purchase that this isn’t a good fit for you. So, please consider carefully before making your purchase, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re at all unsure. I only want happy alumni, so I won’t advise you to sign up if I don’t truly think it’s right for you—but ultimately you know yourself and your work best and need to invest with intention.

Do you have any free places on this programme?

Yes! Please reach out at: if you’re struggling financially and I can allocate you a free place based on my “Buy One, Give One” business model.

Will you be running the live version of this programme with one-to-one support again?

I hope so! It was so much fun working through this course with a small group of incredible creatives in June 2021, and I’m planning on doing it again this autumn-winter if there’s enough interest. That version of the course cost £325 and had lots of one-to-one support from me, with weekly live calls and office hours. If you’d prefer to work through this with extra support, please email me at: to express your interest.

"Thanks so much, I feel like I have learnt so much and made so much progress in such a short time... It is such a fabulous course Sophie, I really can't praise it enough!"

More questions? Send me an email at:


Sophie Caldecott is a writer living and working with her family on the edge of the moor in the South-West of England.


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