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  • A New Resource for People Who Can’t Afford to Hire a Copywriter

    04.04.2019 • Category: Intuitive Business

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    After working with a whole variety of lovely small businesses and creatives to help them tell their stories with my copywriting services over the years, I’ve been mulling over some of the most common struggles and how they can be tackled without having to outsource all the writing to a copywriter every time.

    Whether we like it or not, words form the backbone of our businesses, and hiring a copywriter can be a great solution if you can afford it, but it’s also kind of a short-term or quick fix solution; if you want to grow and flourish in your work in the long-term, you need to develop the skills to tell your story quickly and confidently yourself.

    Most small businesses are on a tight budget, and it often doesn’t make financial sense to hire someone to write some copy when you know you’re going to have to create more and more social media captions, emails, product descriptions, blog posts, and endless other words in the near future.

    I’ve been interested in how I can best empower people to write their own copy in a consistent and confident way in the copywriting work I’ve been doing over the years, and that’s why there’s a large advice element to the work I do with clients one-on-one.

    But recently I decided to take things a step further and create a brand new offering for people who are keen to develop their copywriting skills and do it themselves, but need a little help getting started, growing their confidence, and finding their unique voice.

    Introducing the DIY Copywriting Kit…
    Over the coming year I’ll be working to turn the questions I work through with my one-on-one clients into a resource to help small businesses develop their very own brand copy guidelines themselves. My plan is to offer a toolkit for £60 that includes:

    • A workbook, guiding you through the process of defining your ideal audience, discovering your brand voice/tone/style, helping you to pinpoint the important parts of your brand story, and go on to create your own copy style guidelines.
    • A workbook with exercises to grow your confidence in writing in your own voice, designed to help make blog, email, product descriptions, and social caption-writing become natural and effortless so you don’t have to waste hours worrying over copy edits.
    • A simple keyword planning workbook from my Intuitive SEO course (along with a video tutorial showing you how to do basic keyword research) so you can make sure your copy is search-friendly.
    • Two simple video tutorials, explaining 1) how to set up Google Search Console and Analytics, and how to use these tools to find out how people are currently finding your website and which pages they’re most interested in, and 2) exploring the various key pieces of copy on your website, with examples of how to make them really sing.
    • Email support: the opportunity to send me your copy style guide, or up to two key pieces of text or various smaller pieces of text from your website and have me offer feedback and suggestions via email, with one further follow up email if you still have any questions, or need further support with your ideas for your copy, brand story, content plan, or voice.

    I’ll also be providing a free PDF covering all the main copywriting best practices, including tips for how to craft brilliant website homepage and About page copy, soon.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts—if there’s anything major you struggle with that you’d like me to address in the toolkit, please leave a comment below and let me know, so I can take it into consideration as I work on creating this resource. I want to make it as helpful as possible, and keep that one-on-one feedback element in a way that makes it accessible for as many people as possible, while also being sustainable for me…

    If you want to get updates about this product, and would like me to send you the free PDF as soon as it’s available, sign up to my newsletter, Notes from an Intuitive Business, to be the first to hear when it’s available.

    Thanks for reading!

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